Multiple Select At Once?

My task is manual select model before display it by view or do something in other controller. So here is situation: I use findAll to list all the models. Display it in the view with checkbox for each model. I would like to choose model I like then send them as CActiveRecord objects to other controller to do stuff. At this moment, I dont know how to do it with Yii. Any solution with selector, checkbox, dropdownlist is OK if it allows me to choose models I want. Your help would be appreciated :) .

Hi clonevn

Each Controller/action manipulate one user request at once!

I you want different part of code manipulates each model in one request then make many methods in one Controller and an action to send each model to those methods.

If you want each instance model to send to other controller/action then create multiple forms in view to send each model to another controller/action