Multiple Registration/Login forms?

I have two sets of users who will use my application. I have different fields on registrations form for them & also different roles. So, i want to have two different registration forms, like "Job seeker sign up" & "Job provider sign up" & similarly "Job seeker login", "job provider login".

I’m planning to use either Yii-user or Yii-user-management extension. But confused on how to get my requirement implemented. Does having two user tables in single application conflicts??

You can create 3 tables:

user with username, password and other eventual common field

user_job_seeker with the data of job seekers

user_job_provider with the data of job provider

Both user_jpb_seeker and user_job_provider has a foreign key on user.

Like that you can either have a single login and redirect to different home page or, if for you is more confortable, you can create two login page.

This sounds like a perfect solution. thanks a lot.

Let me try it out :)