Multiple Picture Upload With Titles And Descriptions


I want to build a management system for NivoSlider,a typical jquery image slider:The idea is that users can upload multiple pictures along with titles and descriptions,to be used in this image slider.To be more specific:

I am using this Plupload extension for multiple file upload.What I want to do is this:After multiple pictures have been uploaded,I want to use the returned file information (the extension features callback functions that return info on the files that have been uploaded in json format) and dynamically create text inputs for titles and descriptions for all images,for the user to fill in.So when user submits the form titles and descriptions get stored in database for all pictures.Thecontroller action that handles the uploads takes care of storing thepictures names and other info-(except title and description ofcourse) in the database,and then returns file info for all files injson format.When this info returns,I want to use it to update thepicture records in the database with titles and descriptions.If youhave uploaded videos or pics in social media networks you know what Iam talking about.Basically one needs to dynamically generate textinputs with javascript for every picture uploaded that,aftersubmittig the form, will update the picture records already stored inDB (when upload completed ) but missing title and description.Thanksin advance.

Wow,not even ONE reply!Well,that gave me a motive to utilize my concept from scratch.

I have coded a solution to the problem discussed above,and it’s available as an extension now:


And you did it quite well. I have seen your extension and I would like to congratulate you.

My guess for people not replying to you is because the problem was explained as a very long text. If you ask a specific question, I am sure people will jump to provide you with ideas or suggestions.

Nevertheless, your extension is very nice and a piece of code that people can learn from. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Antonio.Let me say here I used a lot of information that you -and others-provided either in posts or your blog regarding ajax calls to render views inside lightbox -clones.I have a very basic cms know,built with the help of an extension,but still have work to do.I will insist that it would be handy if the framework provided a very generic cms solution to extend on.Yii provides rbac,and one could say “it’s not a framework’s responsibility to tell you how you to manage authorization in your app”,but I don’t see anyone complaining for this handy feature.Or Gii,also.

:) GREAT and useful extension!Thank you very much.

I saw this extension on the Twitter feed. I wasn’t happy as I was basically in the middle of writing the same thing for a project; too far down to retro-fit it in too ;/


i am having to upload image using this nivoslidermanagement. Upload failed without any error message.


my yii version 1.9