"multiple" Option in selectbox/listbox doesn't work

Dear folks,

currently I’m struggling with a muliple selectbox / listbox. I just can’t mark multiple entries at the same time. Reason: YII2\ActiveField does not correctly render the attribute “multiple” in the affected methods dropDownList() or listBox(). The output is multiple=“multiple” but this doesn’t work in the current browsers (Firefox, Edge…) in use of HTML 5.


<?= $form->field($model, 'brands')->listbox(
                ['class'=>'chosen-select input-md required', 'size' => '6', 'multiple'=>'multiple']) ?>


 <label class="control-label" for="importer-brands">Brands</label>
<input name="Importer[brands]" value="" type="hidden">
<select id="importer-brands" class="chosen-select input-md required" name="Importer[brands][]" multiple="multiple" size="6">
<option value="1">VW</option>
<option value="2">Audi</option>
<div class="help-block"></div>

Using a simple "multiple" in the HTML tag would be successful:

<select id="importer-brands" class="chosen-select input-md required" name="Importer[brands][]" multiple size="6">

Changing the parameter to ‘multiple’ => ‘true’ in the parameter array of the Yii methods unfortunately has no effect.

Any ideas? It’s strange that I am obviously the only guy with this problem.
I use YII 2.0.15 on PHP 7.06.


Hi Tom,

You may try 'multiple' => true.
Not 'multiple' nor 'true' in string format, but a simple boolean

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Thanks for your help! On a closer look, the reason for the bug seems do be a wrong rule-assigment in the model (trim).

This triggers the execution of the javascipt trim function on the client site, which deselects all selected entries.

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I see. Thank you for the feedback.:yii: