multiple modules for single view

I want records present in multiple(4)models to be rendered into a single view…is this possible??

Why not… you just send all the models to the file that needs to be rendered







Where $model1, $model2, $model3 are instances of your models

yes…i have tried it…but unable to getit…

This works… Could be something with your variables… or the way you use them…

Can’t help you if you don’t post your code…

i found out where the prob is…i need to pass the attributes of the detailview as associative array…as it is from many models…but donno how to do it…

this is the view in which ampassing multiple models


$this->widget(‘zii.widgets.CDetailView’, array(


























)); ?>

did u get what i mean?

Hello, from what i understand i think u should create a relationship between all the models cos all ur 4 models are quit dependent on each other.

creating a primary(eg student_id) key that will be a foreign key to the rest of the tables(eg doctors_table pk will be student_id).


canu please tell me the correct steps to create instances for models pleaseeeeee…

yes…i have a common pk for 4 models…but how to create a relation for 4 models(tables)and render into single view

OK…now am able to do it using instances…anyways thanq for ur assisstance…