Multiple Model Search

Hi, i would like to add search functionality with multiple models. In yii is there any extension for multiple model search? or how it possible in yii?


you can write a custom query on model search function

Not a custom query… Need entire models search functionality.

if you want to add a multiple model search functionality on just you can check the your model relation and write a query on model search function

for e.g

$criteria->compare('password', $this->password, true);

hey its for searching in one model.

Already i mentioned searching all models in the application. Not a model search.

so you can write a custom query on search function

for e.g

if (isset($this->city_id) && !empty($this->city_id)) {

			$criteria = new CDbCriteria;

			$criteria->select = 't.*, tu.* ';

			$criteria->join = ' LEFT JOIN `city` AS `tu` ON t.city_id =';

			$criteria->addCondition("city_name='" . $this->city_id . "'");


Sounds like you would like to search in two ore more models (tables in database)? I think your best option is searching in each of the models and combine the results.