Multiple Joins using 'with'

so i am trying to get data into a cActiveDataProvider. I need to do a complicated join that joins 3 tables. I think i can get a solution using the following method.

$data = Yii::app()->db->createCommand()

                       ->select("$usertableselectstring".", $branchAddrTableSelectArray".", $useraddrtableselectstring".", u.repid")

                       ->from('users u')





However, I am trying to do this using criteria. somewhat like this:

$criteria = new CDbCriteria(array(‘with’=>array(‘cUSTOMER’,‘cUSTORDERLINEs’), ‘order’=>‘t.ID, t.SALESREP_ID’));

Here is the issue. I have 3 tables. reps, orderlines, and orders.The join needs to be something like the following.

select year, week, repid, name, sum(orderQty) as qty

from reps r

inner join orders o on = o.salesrep_id

inner join orderlines ol on = ol.custOrderId

where o.status <> "H"

and o.user_10 = "1"

group by( year, week, repid, name);

The above is pseudocode for how i would do it in mysql. Putting that into a criteria statement is proving rather difficult. Thanks in advance for the help.