multiple items with dependent dropdown

hi:)… i am working on a similar thing… i want multiple inputs to come but i want dependent dropdwns in it.]

eg. I have one dropdown based on which another dropdown is filled.

is it possible to put the dependent dropdown code in jappendo?

i tried something like this:


                        $productCategoriesArray = CHtml::listData(ProductsCategory::model()->findAll(),'cat_id','cat_name');   

                        echo CHtml::DropDownList('cat_id[]','',$productCategoriesArray,   


                                                        'prompt'=>'Select category...',    

                                'ajax' => array(   




                                                                ))); ?>

in the enumeration.php and i got a exception saying:

JAppendo does not have a method named "getModule".

need some help to sort it out.

Use Yii::app()->createUrl(…) instead.