Multiple Instance Of A Model In One Submit

Hi Guys, how are you?

I’m developing my first Yii application (in the fact its the first in PHP) and i have a question, i’ve searched a lot over the internet and didnt find the answer.

What i need its something like this:

I have a form with 2 text fields, the user will fill it with informattion and click on a button.

When the user click on the button, the fields will get blank and the values will be assign to a new object.

And the page will have a submit button, the objects will be assigned to the database just when the page was submitted.

I was reading about dataprovider but i dont know if this is the way.

Anyone knows how to do that?

Can you explain what you mean to accomplish? Sounds like a simple form but the topic title says something different.


Well, i dont know if its a simple form. In my undertanding, to create a new object on the view we have to post the page, the old object will be saved on database and the new form with new object will be "reloaded".

I just want to store like an array of the same Model, but don’t submmit the page, and just when i post the page, all the objects of that array will be commited to the bank. Perhaps, i didn’t get the logic and this is simple as hell…

Still not quite sure I get what you mean. Tabular input?

Its something like it… Some friends in the work gave me ideas, i’ll try when i get home, tnxs pal.