Multiple Forms in a View

Hello there, i am very new with yii framework,and i have a little problem… I am making with the use of metronic framework the use of a number of modals in my index, the thing is that each one of the modals have a form that i render inside the index like this

 <div class="view-modal-user" style="display: none;">

                        <?php echo $this->render('/user/_form', ['initModel' => $modelUser,'inputDynamic' => $dynamicUser,'companies'=>$companies]) ?>



                    <div class="view-modal-company" style="display: none;">

                        <?php echo $this->render('/account/create', ['initModel' => $modelCompany,'inputDynamic' => $dynamicCompany, 'countries' => $countries,

                            'states' => $states, 'cities' => $cities, 'modules' => $modules]) ?>



                    <div class="view-modal-new-module" style="display: none;">

                        <?php echo $this->render('/module/createModule',['initModel'=> $initModel = new Module]) ?>


, far i can understand i cannot call actions from the controller directly in the view, for that reason i render directly the view of each of the controllers that i want to call… The modal is showing up really good in my view but the problem is that when i submit the button in any of the form, they shows me up the message that i have unseted field.

what could be the reason of that?.. if i can get some advice i’ll be really gratefully…