multiple foreign key for one table

hi there

i have table with multiple foreign key from some tables. How do I create it?

Imagine I have a "[color="#FF0000"]image[/color]" table for saving images. Also have "[color="#FF0000"]news[/color]" table that for each record have some images and have "[color="#FF0000"]album[/color]" table with same condition. Do I must add "[color="#FF0000"]fk_news[/color]" and "[color="#FF0000"]fk_album[/color]" to "[color="#FF0000"]image[/color]" table and if later add a new table named "[color="#FF0000"]post[/color]" to DB, add "[color="#FF0000"]fk_post[/color]" must be add to "[color="#FF0000"]image[/color]" table?

I’m confused, thanks in advanced

in This scenario u should create one common table for all images as u have many images for news, album and post.

and assign fk for all three tables

find attachment for detail view of db.

you can link other tables primary key within an image table as a foreign key.