Multiple Dependant Drop Down Lists


I need to implement something bit similar to this

But my need is slightly different

I have 4 dropdowns in my form ,when user select the first one I need that selection to be omited from second dropdown . After user select top two I need 3rd and 4th to have only the selections from 1st and 2nd .That means 3rd and 4th will contain only 2 rows

Team 1 (will contain all the options)

Team 2 (will not contain the selection from ‘Team 1’)

Home team (will only contain two options from top two drop downs)

Team won (will only contain two options from top two drop downs)

Also I would be needing to force people to select drop down in 1,2,3,4 order. otherwise above logic doesnt work

Thanks in advance


first you select team 1 and then team 2

when you select team 2 your ajax call and action call in controller,

now you can create there template view of your 3 and 4th dropdown and return it.

and than you can replace both dropdown.