Multiple delete action in one Controller

In delete action wich generated by crud we got code like this:

In views

and in cotroller sth like this:

How if I have multiple delete in my controller? like "actionDeleteAccount", "actionDeleteGroups", etc…?

You need to differentiate them using either 'submit' or 'params'.

I tried like this:

In controller:

In views

But it doesn't works…

What is the problem?

After linkButton Delete clicked, no thing happen in the page. But, submit post is working, becouse if I refresh the pages, confirm to resend data is show up.

I tried to remove all redirect function in actionDelete, nothing happen and no error, just like refresh the page. 

Then I tried to remove if(Yii::app()->request->isPostRequest), It's same like above.

And for last I  remove actionDelete, it just refresh the page after linkbutton clicked. So, why "actionDelete" not working in this case?

I found the answer… and solved the half problem…

After delete button clicked, the post still under actionAccount and keep working on actionAccount:

Code above is working…

But, it's make a new question, how to make post submit going to actionDelete?

You can specify the 'submit' option as follows:


Thank Qiang… so simply  ;D