multiple db connections in one web application good or bad?

I am in a dilemma about which is the best solution for a problem concerning db connections. The situation is the following: I have created different web applications that among other services provide sms service. The sms service needs to have sms delivery confirmation. This is accomplished through a callback from the sms service which sends the report for all the web applications to the same address, separating each sms report by specific application id.

The different approaches are:

  • Create a web application for the specific address, and then depending from the appilication id open a db connection for the corresponding db and insert the data.

  • Create a web application for the specific address and a small db, where I should store all the sms delivery data for all the applications. Every web application should create a new db connection to the small db for getting the relevant data when it needs to.

The first approach is the easier one to accomplish, but I am concerned about the number of different db connections that the app has to persist. The second approach is a bit more complicated for me but avoids the db connections problem. I don’ t know if the multiple db connections problem is big enough to drive me to the second approach. I would appreciate any suggestions from your experience, or any other workaround.