Multiple Database Migrations

I am attempting to setup a test database and run migrations on it. Everytime I attempt to run migrations on anything other then the default database, I get an error. The error is ‘Object configuration must me an array containing a class element’.

I would like to do this the proper way, and modify config/test.db to do this, but this file seems to get ignored when running migrations from the command line. I have modified both main.php ( ev6gn) and console.php( 5wx84) and uploaded them to The command I am running to migrate is “./yiic migrate --connectionID=maindb”. Leaving out connectionID, or setting connectionID to ‘db’, will both work without issue.

Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? Also as a side note, the changes I make to console and main do not seem to take effect immediatly. I am not sure why, but after changing the name of the db, migrations seem to run on the last database name. Very wierd.

Found the error, evidently yii was assuming the class name when the connectionID was db. I added “‘class’=>‘system.db.CDbConnection’,” to the array containing maindb and now it works.