Multiple authentication options


I’m just learning Yii, and the application I would eventually would like to create would be so much better if people could log in via creating an account (normal way), or with OAuth (Facebook, Twitter, Google). But can that be done?

My application would be similar to a matchmaking site, where people would have pretty elaborate profiles, that could be shared among users. Can OAuth be used (or advisable) in that context?

Lastly, thinking of my planning my database, would the usual password, and OAuth tokens just be saved in separate columns? Or does it need to be a separate setup (different tables, or something more complex)?

I don’t expect to get tons of code examples for this, but I just want to know in general terms, whether it’s possible, easy to do, or not worth the effort.


It can be done. See authentication and you may have a look a some yii extensions taking this approach