Multiple Applications

I have two applications, both with a frontend and backend and separate db’s.

Application A has the backend and frontend secured with db RBAC.

Application B has the backend only secured with db RBAC, the frontend is currently open to all.

How can I setup the frontend of Application B to require that a user already be logged in to Application A and that the user has the correct role to have permissions to see the frontend of Application B? If they do not then I want to display a generic “you do not have permissions to view this resource” type of message, if they do then I want the login form to redirect to Application B’s frontend until the session expires.

The code for this needs to be able to be easily removed or changed so that I can move Application B to a production environment where Application A will not exist.

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If the user is logged into app A, then Yii::app()->IsGuest will be false.

If the two apps are on the same domain, then it will be false in both if the user is currently logged in.

You can extend from CWebUser and add to the interface if you want to check if - for example - that the user is logged into the backend.

I’ve tested this but it doesn’t appear to be working, at least not as I expected it to, so I assume that I’m doing something wrong.

Currently Application A and Application B are both residing on a local development machine so I access them via localhost/AppA/index.php and localhost/AppB/index.php.

As I want AppB to be as portable as possible I have tried to test for Yii::app()->user->isGuest in the index file of AppB. Here is what I currently have:

AppB index.php file for the frontend:


$yii = dirname(__FILE__).'/../Yii/framework/yii.php';


$app = Yii::createWebApplication(dirname(__FILE__).'/../AppA/protected/config/main.php');

if ($app->user->isGuest)


     echo 'not logged in';




     $app = Yii::createWebApplication(dirname(__FILE__).'/protected/config/main.php');



By itself that always failed so I tried adding something I found in the cookbook regarding single sign on.

config/main.php in both applications (only relevant portions shown):



          // enable cookie-based authentication



     'session' => array(

          'class' => 'system.web.CDbHttpSession',

          'connectionID' => 'db',

          'cookieMode' => 'allow',

          'cookieParams' => array(

               'path' => '/',

               'domain' => 'localhost',

               'httpOnly' => true,



I have also tried the same configuration but with AppB residing inside AppA so it becomes localhost/AppA/index.php and localhost/AppA/AppB/index.php. That didn’t work either.

I’m thinking that perhaps it has something to do with re-creating AppA with the Yii::createWebApplication but without that I get syntax errors trying to access Yii::app()->user->isGuest.