Multiple application


i have to build a site with a front-end and a back-end. what is the best way to setup the folder structure.

create two folders (back-end, front-end) both a copy of protected or just build all the controllers, models and vies in the same folder protected?

if i create the two folder, i need an admin.php and an index.php in the public_html folder is that going to work?

all i need is some advice about the best way to setup the folder structure for a back-end and front-end application.


|-- private_html

|   |-- framework

|   `-- protected

`-- public_html

    |-- assets

    |-- css

    `-- themes

The best way in my opinion is copy entire site in a folder outsite public_html

create a public_html symlink point \private_folder\project\

  • Everything is not splitted

  • no need to worry about protected folder because only public is visible to the users

my suggestion would be to make the main application the frontend and make the backend a module

this could help:

Organize directories for applications with front-end and back-end