Multimodelform On Update Inserts A Blank New Record


multimodelform on update inserts a blank new record.

how to rectify please help.


how to view multimodelform after create/update in detailview?


please go through it, this will help you

single form to collect data for two or more models

Thanks for your reply.

I Already gone through this i made it which works fine!

But after successfull saving i want to redirect to view the complete form.

  1. I also having problem with multimodelform which inserts and maintains a blank record with my original record either i create new record or update record or delete record.

I have the same too…

settting : ‘hideCopyTemplate’=>false, (in widget)

No blank new record…but not any records!


new blank record is due to hidecopyfield

I am having the same issue, but this doesn’t help my case.