Multimodelform Extension-Member Validation Issue

I am trying to use multimodelform extension to save one-to-many record set but it does not save records in both tables. The reason is, it was unable to validate "member" records. If I remove validation check, it saves the group (master) record without child records. Could some one give me a tip to solve this issue.

this is my actionCreate()

public function actionCreate()



$model = new TblCalculation;

$member = new TblClaim;

$validatedMembers = array();  //ensure an empty array




    if( //validate detail before saving the master

        MultiModelForm::validate($member,$validatedMembers,$deleteItems) && $model->save()) {

         //the value for the foreign key 'groupid'

         $masterValues = array ('calID'=>$model->id);

         if (MultiModelForm::save($member,$validatedMembers,$deleteMembers,$masterValues))





This is my view (../tblCalculation/_form.php)

$memberFormConfig = array(





    'travelFrom'=>array('type'=>'text','size'=>10, 'maxlength'=>40,),

    'travelTo'=>array('type'=>'text','size'=>10, 'maxlength'=>40,),

    'distance'=>array('type'=>'text','size'=>10, 'maxlength'=>10,),

    'comment'=>array('type'=>'text','size'=>10, 'maxlength'=>30,),



    'tableView'=> true,

    'id' => 'id_member', //the unique widget id

    'formConfig' => $memberFormConfig, //the form configuration array

    'model' => $member, //instance of the form model

    //if submitted not empty from the controller,

    //the form will be rendered with validation errors

    'validatedItems' => $validatedMembers,

    //array of member instances loaded from db

    'data' => $member->findAll('calID=:id', array(':id'=>$model->id)),