multilingual sites in Yii

How to create multilingual sites in Yii?

What are the basic concepts?

Where to store and how to load translations?

Hi viter,

there a plenty of ways to do it, I do use my own db translation engine by making use of MultilingualActiveRecord and MultilingualActiveDataProvider extensions (search on extensions) but Yii has a internationalization message approach.

Please refer to its documentation here: i18n.

The way you store the messages is within your application’s protected/messages/languageID

The file saved refers to the category of the function Yii::t(‘filenameiscategoryID’,‘keyofthearray’);

The file returns an array that holds: ‘translationkey’=>‘translatedtext’ (i.e. ‘No records found’=>‘No se han encontrado registros’,

Hope I helped you


Thank you for your hints, Antonio.

No problem, we are here to help… one day you may help me too