multilingual catchAllRequest issue

Hi all,

I have a multilingual site (two languages). Recently I decided to include the catchAllRequest for maintenance purposes. I am experiencing a translation issue when I turn the maintenance mode on the website remains translated into my defined ‘language’ rather than the ‘sourceLanguage’

I have declared the following configuration:


'language' => 'bg',

I imagine that by default sourceLanguage would be used on all occasions, which seems to be the case so far. However, when I turn on the maintenance mode the application renders in ‘bg’ language, which is undesirable effect no matter what I do. Am I misunderstanding anything or doing something wrong?

I have:





…and I am also using the LangUrlManager extension:

public $languages=array('en','bg');

public $langParam='lang';

public function parseUrl($request){



        //if language pass via url use it



        //else if preffered language is allowed

        }elseif(in_array($userLang,$this->languages)) {


        //else use the first language from the list

        }else Yii::app()->language=$this->languages[0];


        return $ret;


My browser prefered language is ‘en’.

Thanks in advance for your help.