Multilingual Behaviors And Parent Categories


first of all I would like to thank the Yii team for the great work they’ve done. I’m just starting to use it, so lot of things might be obvious to you, but not to me…

I have the following database structure :

table category, with id_category and id_category_parent columns.

table category_lang with id_category, id_lang and name columns.

In the Category model, I’ve defined the following relation :

     'catParent' => array(self::BELONGS_TO, 'Category', 'id_category_parent'),

I’ve also added the multilang behavior to the Category model.

When I try to use : Category::model()->multilang()->with(‘catParent’)->findAll() I’ve the following error : Syntax error or access violation: 1066 Not unique table/alias: ‘i18nCategory’.

I tried to add random suffix to the table alias but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Thank you in advance for your replies.