Multilingual Behavior

Hi to everybody, i’m very new to Yii and i’m try to working with the “Multilingual Behavioer”.

Reading the docs, i edited every part of my app, in order to making this behavior working good.

At the moment i can create and edit pages (model “Page”) in English and Italian (default english), but i can’t view them in the 2 languages.

I have a "form" view that has 2 tabs, one for each language. When i create a new page, i can save correctly all the english data and i need to save only the title, content and excerpt in italian. This steps are working good, on the database i see the english content in the tbl_page table and the corrispondent italian data in the tbl_pageLang table.

When i try to render the page in english (for example /page/view/id/2), i see the self-generated menu with the english title of the pages and the page with the english version of the content. But, when i add to the url "/language/it", i get the "it" value when i print


so the language effectively changed and the menu is correclty rendered in italian. The page still remains in english…

Any ideas? Someone that solved the same problem?

Which kind of code or data do you need to help me?

Thank you so much for the support!!