Support for multiple databases in your models, also comes with a gii generator template to create models that belongs to other databases

how to use:

class MyModel extends MultiActiveRecord{

   //my methods

  function connectionId(){

  	return 'my_db';



and in your config


//main db configuration


 	//connection my_db







 	//you can define other connections also



Detailed explanation here: extension link

Complete change in the code, check the extension link for more details

Moved to "Extensions" as requested

Thank you

Hi Gustavo,

My situation is like this. I have two users, operator and supervisor. Both of them should write their transaction data to different database. I managed to implement this with your great multiactiverecord extension. However, the problem is with the inheritance. Operator write the data to ext_db defined in yii as db. While supervisor write the data to int_db defined in yii as db_int. I can only make it work if I use the same copy of Transaction model, but Transaction will return db as connectionId and TransactionInt will return db_int as connectionId.

What I want to do is using inheritance where TransactionInt is inheriting from Transaction, and I only override the connectionId method.

Doing like above is not working. When the db_int is shutdown, the TransactionInt will try to read/get the data from the db instead. What I want is showing error message.

How should I do?

Thank you in advance.