Multi-Tabs In Forms

Hi guys,

I am a YII newbie and currently still planning the project (no programming yet).

I am wondering how a YII expert programmer would approach a multi-tab form? Are there modules available to support this?

Please check the attachement for an example.

  • The example has several tabs

  • … and ONE central "Save button", which will save all tabs

  • p.e. in Magento the form would actually mark edited tab with an image-flag (floppydisk) to indicate edits by the user which have not been saved

  • when leaving the form with edits which have not been saved there should be a modal warning message.

I would be really thankful for some tips.

Kind regards



Check this wiki CJuiTabs

mickey do you have solution for your problem yet?

definitely worth checking out bootstrap

@badbold: No got no solution for this so far. I found no library which has this implemented with Magento functionality… sorry

@MikeyMiller : hmm i really need the example for this.