Multi step / wizard form

Hi everyone,

I thought I read in the docs that Yii 2 now has functions for doing multi step / wizard forms but now I cannot find it?

Does Yii 2 have functions for dealing with multi step / wizard forms or not?

If "not" …

How would one be implemented in Yii 2?


Try one of these

Has anyone tried the above plugin? The plugins seem to be incomplete and lack of documentation

Can someone help with multi step form in Yii2?


Yes I just used this one in my Yii2 project and it works very well:

I created a custom a custom asset bundle called WizardAsset to make it easier and the end result is in production right now.

Thks !! I will try it…

This is a weekness of yii1 /yii2 because this type of functionalities

belongs to the core components in most of the major concurrent frameworks.

No one will ever unterstand why the yii team have never thought of

integrating it in the core components because these are the type of functionalities

that make frameworks popular. Really, really weird! sorrowful.