Multi-Step Extension

Hello, i think that must be very useful to implement a multi step form and wizard. I don't know if is better to develop an extension or build it in YII core.

Pls tell me your ideas.

Probably better as an extension I think.  I remember someone created an extension for CakePHP to do this.

I believe there are two methods: Sessions, and statefull forms (remembering fields via hidden fields).

Would be a learning experience to create one, wish I had time to attack it…

I just found this post while searching for the best practise of parsing data when using a multi-form and am wondering what people’s opinions are?

By that, I mean what are the pros and cons of each option (sessions or statefull)?

Bsasically i am wanting to allow my user to edit there profile but i don’t want them to see in the url there id

e.g. localhost/account/edit/id/124568

rather just;


Cheers for any advice