Multi Step Cactiveform And Aftervalidate

I am building a multi step form - basically it is just one form that spans 3 steps - each step is within a DIV that is shown or hidden using jQuery.

Each step has its own submit button. When submitted, the form fields for that step are validated. Now I am using the afterValidate option to receive the validation response and show/hide the divs as necessary.

I was wondering is it possible to determine the name / id of the submit button that was pressed and pass this in to afterValidate?

Anybody got any ideas?

there is an extension, wizard behavior. I hope it help you.???

AFAIK: If the submit-buttons have a name attribute, the button should be an item of the $_POST array.

I am sorry that this post is of no help to you, but I am curious.

In your model’s afterValidate (of an Ajax call), how do you communicate to the page that it should show or hide a div ?

I was struggling with this recently, also for a form with some steps btw. I finally gave up and dropped the ajax. It is now 1 form with 1 submit button and a hidden field that tracks the step number.