Multi Site With Yii?

Hi everybody,

My first post here, hope it fits into this sub-forum. Also, I’ve started using Yii about a month ago, so I’m still wondering around. Yii is so great! :)

I was wondering what would be the best approach for me to create a multi site project. Let me elaborate:

I’ve just took over a project that was written in Yii. The project is completed, but now I have to continue with it, building a multi site solution. So, the original webapp (let’s call it “project A”) is available at e.g. What I want to do is create new project B that would look like completely separate website (easy with Yii’s themes), but use the same user base as project A. Also, I would need to use some modules that are already written for project A, like comments and such. Project B would be available on the different domain,

So, two solutions come to my mind:

  1. Create a module for project A and do some funky stuff with the router, so project B would be available on

  2. Create a completely new Yii webapp that would use the same database as project A. And then try to move comments and similar modules to this new webapp.

What approach would you suggest? Any third option? As I’ve seen so far, Yii has predicted almost everyting I need and has a built in solution for it. :) I just haven’t bumped into a “best practice” for situation like this.

I’ve searched the forum, and haven’t found the answer that fits. Thank you in advance.