Multi Site and Muti User Project


i’m new to yii framework and i’m looking how to fit my project into yii.

I will develop a public company site witch is free reachable. The public site is there to reach different customers, the customers must register on the public site to use the service what is offert on the publice site.

After the registration, the different customers will use the service from the company on the non public site. Now i have different registerd users with different permissions.


[*]Public Site Editor

[*]Non Public Site Customer A

[*]Non Public Site Customer B

[*]Company Users Non Public Site

[*]Site Admin for both

[*]Other posible user


The only common ground of both sites is the registration from the public site for the non public site. The public site is just an easy site with a few informations (Landing Page). The non public site is all dynamic content. A good example for a site like this is

What do you think how to structure the project?


maybe my question is to generic. I will try to ask more specific.

What could be possible setup for my project with yii?

Of course to use the advanced installation!

im also interested to know the flow.

can anyone please guide us.