Multi Session Logout and AutoLogin problem

I am using yii simple-template in my app. I added backend part, admin, as a module to my application. I use two seperate sessions frontend and admin. I want to use two different sessions at same time. I achieved to seperate them by following Kartik description ,however when I logout both session destroyed or when I want to enter with Auto login, I achieve with user component session but cannot achieve by yonetici session. What I do wrong can somebody explain me please ? Here is my web.php config file :

    'user' => [

        'identityClass' => 'app\models\User',

        'enableAutoLogin' => true,

        'idParam' => 'member_id',

        'identityCookie' => ['name' => '_frontendUser', 'path' => 'app\web']


    'yonetici' => [

    	'class' => 'yii\web\User',

        'identityClass' => 'app\modules\admin\models\User',

        'enableAutoLogin' => true,

        'idParam' => 'admin_id',

        'identityCookie' => ['name' => '_backendUser', 'path' => 'app\modules\admin'],

    	'loginUrl' => [$params['admin_module_name'].'/login']