Multi-level URLs and controllers...


I’m trying to setup a site with multi-level content, where a page on the site could drill down beyond the standard Yii URL setup of “/controller/action/parameters”.

So for example, I may have a URL of "http://localhost/level-1/level-2/level-3", and I want the "level-3" controller to be run, and not the level-1 or level-2 controllers.

Having looked at the CUrlManager and the Controller documentation, I don’t see how to implement this kind of URL management. Yii makes the assumption that first part of the URL is the controller that needs to be run.

So, is what I want possible and how can I change this?

Thanks in advance!!

I’ve tested with subfolder in my controller folder:




when I access then "broker" will be my controller and not "admin".

EDIT: I’ve reposted this in a more appropriate forum, and come up with a solution but would like feedback! Please use the following link to continue the discussion.

Sorry for the duplication.