multi-language failed on remote server

[size=“2”]I setup a site on my local server (Mac OS X 10.7 apache 2, PHP 5.3.8) using elanghandler with standard CPhpMessageSource to handle multi-language. It works fine, but when I port it over to a rented GoDaddy share host (Apache 2, PHP 5.3.6), everything works except the multi-language. The pages would render as if it’s working perfectly, but the translation simply didn’t kick in. No error messages shown at all. I had the CWebLogRoute turned on and I compared the output from my local server to the GoDaddy server and found them identical. And GoDaddy doesn’t have XDebug for me to remote debug. I’m at lost on how to debug.[/size]

[size=“2”]I can’t change the PHP version on GoDaddy share host, and at this point, I’m trying to figure out how to implement multiple PHP versions on my local server to see if the minor difference in PHP version is the cause, but it looks like a pretty big move and would take me a while.[/size]

[size="2"]I have log in my config setup like this:[/size]






                'levels'=>'error, warning',


            // uncomment the following to show log messages on web pages






[size="2"]and in the component section:[/size]

'ELangHandler' => array(





[size="2"]I checked the log in the runtime and found no errors…[/size]

[size="2"]Does anyone has the slightest idea what it could be or how I should go about this?[/size]

[size="2"]If it is of any help, the site now sits on The language switcher is on the top right hand corner. Please note that at the bottom of the front page shows three blocks of Chinese text. They are fixed to Chinese and have nothing to do with language switching. If switching works, menu item should change.[/size]

Hi View Finder,

I think the best way is to deploy standart yii webapp and check on it. Reasons can vary…

Also try to disable themes.

Thanx for the advice. Though I didn’t go that way, it did give me a direction to solve this problem. I had the messages folder moved to a different position for a variety of reasons, and it turned out that’s where the problem is. Once I moved it back in to the protected folder, it worked. No idea why…