Multi language apps with Yii


I know this sounds stupid but as I’m new to Yii and PHP framework I’d like to ask this…

By using language support in Yii, can we automatically translate any text that is displayed in default English (loaded from database) into some other language like Japanese?

Or else do we have to write predefined values for each English terms used in the site?


you can refer babelfish in the joomla, i think we can port it to yii…

use Yii:t for strings and you can also use the language id as dir in your view ;) For db translations you are on your own… there are some models there that extend activerecord… but so far i am just using a 1 to 1 relation to the translation table :) a little more heavy as it selects both fields… but easy to use.

Hi there. may i ask you to explain " language id as dir in your view"?

what did you mean by that?

how to do that?