Multi File Upload With Dynamic Hidden Iframe


Sometimes I feel Yii is really too "thin" to be used comfortably. There are too many really basic tasks what are left to extensions - while Yii extensions are frequently outdated, poorly maintined, poorly documented and full of nasty bugs.

Good example: I need an unobstructive, simlple multi-file uploader. Well, CMultiFileUpload widget is nice, but with each and every file submitted the page containg form is reloaded. This is not a nice, modern UI!!! On the other hand - file upload using modern style UI is not "rare, sophisticated demand" I believe. It is a basic functionality request in fact! It should be Yii native indeed!

To get the things done the right way and mimic the "Ajax feel", the widget should create a dynamic hidden iFrame, with a separate form, upload a file through it and then collect the server answer using a fake XMLHttpRequest object containing a responseText.

Pretty complex system where serious testing is necessary. I should not bother with this myself, I believe!!! I should be able to use a ready-made widget with proven functionality and thoroughly tested. I tried to find any within Yii extensions but I’ve got confused with various extensions mostly addressing WYSWIG editors what is completly not what I need!

For my purpose, the best is something as simple as this:

but using hidden iFrame technique to avoid nasty form reload with each and every file submitted.

Can you please recommend any nice solution or should I really develop my own one from scratch?

Please feedback asap!