Multi File Upload Example

Hey, guys, could any gentleman give me an example that shows how to build a Multi-File Upload in Yii?

The normal upload I know, but I have no idea on how to perform the multi-upload

I mean:

  • What should I put in my form beyond the "enctype"?

  • How do I deal with the files and how do I iterate them, reading and treating each one?

Thanks in advance!!


Multi-upload isn’t supported yet, but you may define additional attributes or use repetitive form.

thanks, Pestaa,

but now I’m curious…what is the class CMultiFileUpload for? is it broken in the class reference or not finished yet?


Well, it’s my fault, I didn’t notice that widget. But that’s based on jQuery for that matter. If js-dependency is not an issue for you, then CMultiFileUpload is for you.

Indeed js isn’t a problem for me, I’m just looking for an example on how to use the CMultiFileUpload class. Performing a new search in the forum I got this:

I’m gonna try that and see what happens.

Thanks again, Pestaa.


I am looking for examples for that, could you please show what you did?

well, actually, I ended up building the FancyUpload extension, which uses flash to upload files