Multi-Application, Single-Source Setup

Hi all,

Firstly, I actually do know that what I’m asking is nominally possible in Yii 1.1. I’m mainly asking about specifics.

I’m working on multiple applications for multiple clients, but they’re all built off the same core platform, which is itself built off Yii 1.1. They’re not all currently on the same server, but will eventually be. One problem that comes up a lot is either reduplication of work and effort, or accidental slight differences between applications. My goal is to restructure, rewrite, and/or rebuild these applications to all function off a single source code, including things like modules - with more application-specific modules and configs still being present for each application.

For example, let’s say we have App 1 and App 2. Currently, App 1 and App 2 are both 100% segregated Yii installations. However, they both have many of the exact same modules - let’s say that Module 1, Module 2, and Module 3 are exactly the same across both applications. So I would want to have those modules exist somewhere central that both App 1 and App 2 could use. But, Module 4 is more specific per application; App 1 and App 2 both have different versions of it. So I would still want each application to retain its individual, segregated Module 4.

The same concept would be true of many things - configs (obviously) and Javascript, CSS, etc. in htdocs/ comes to mind.

So given that specific need, is Yii 1.1 capable of supporting this kind of installation? How might one get started with planning this out?

it is certainly possible provided all apps are on the same server here this post might help you understand it better