Mulitple field saving

I am really not sure how to describe what I am after but here it goes:

I have a table called




and then on my form I have a table that is showing all 10 fields (of the same name) but I need to figure out a way to make this an array so the Post grabs all the fields values accordingly… without yii, i’d just do something like

<input type="text" name="field_name[]"> but in Yii, how is something like this handled with the helpers, etc? Then, on the save, is there anything already pre-rolled that handles this sort of thing?

Does anyone understand what I am kinda after? If you’ve accomplished something like this before, I’d love to hear how you did with Yii…

I’d like it to be able to still use validation, display an error if that field isn’t filled out, etc…

It’s basically like a form taking in data that will create 10 new records (or however many fields are on that page)

Sorry, it’s late …

Please let me know if you need more clarification

Maybe you are looking for tabular input?