MS SqlServer 2008 and PHP 7

I got the error

I’ve installed sql drivers following the instructions here:

I restarted both apache2 and php-fpm (whatever It is, I didn’t know before today)

From a web page, I checked phpinfo() and I see "sqlsrv" within installed extensions.

I cannot see any problem, but Yii cannot find the driver.

My connection is configured as is:

"mexal_db" => array (

            'class'                 => "CDbConnection",

            'connectionString'      => 'dblib:host=SRV-MEXAL;dbname=at6_rp',

            'enableParamLogging'    => false,

            'username'              => '<hidden>',

            'password'              => '<hidden>',

            'charset'               => 'utf8',


I’ve another machine, an old Ubuntu 8 with PHP 5.2, and this works, so the connection string is ok. I think.