Extension to access cpanel functions, using xml/json, cpanel 1 or 2 apis

Detailed explanation in the extensions page

Any doubt / bugs report here

Can we access remote cpanel?

I have two servers

My installation is on server 1 and I want to access server 2 and perform CPanel actions from server 1 to server2. Is it possible?


Sure, you just need to setup the ‘url’ option pointing to the server 2 url, along with server 2 credentials

Thanks for reply.

I have set up the settings with basic instead of whm but when I access the page with stats noting displayed nor it created the db on the server 1, even.

Can you give a tutorial which explain more about this extension.


try to print_r the result and see what you got, cpanel is probably returning some kind of error

this extension simply access the cpanel api’s, you can see more about the api’s in the extension page


I tried to use this extension which is working good with ‘json/xml api functions’ but for some reason its taking too long and does not work with ‘cpanel api1 and api2 functions’. When i tried to var_dump the api1 function call it returns ‘null’.

Please let me know me, how to make it work for api1 and api2 functions?