Moving yii project

I had originally installed my yii project to home/mcadio/public_html/yii/xadmin

The protected folder was located at home/mcadio/public_html/

I moved the protected folder to the home/mcadio/ folder and changed the index.php to reflect moving up level. (to increase security)

I would like to move the project install to the root of the domain instead of using wordpress which is currently installed. Any help would be appreciated, even if just showing me how to use the main domain as the public part and the /xadmin part for the rest of what I currently use it for (back end stuff).

  1. You will obviously need to move wordpress out of the way

  2. You can move the entire folder tree upwards without a problem, as long as you bring all the subfolders with it. (Most of these can be moved but then you will spend ages trying to find various paths and config to change!)

  3. If you want a separate backend part, it depends whether you are using the advanced template (which has two separate web folders) or the basic template which does not. If you have done your security properly, there is not much benefit in having two separate sites (in which case, it might not matter whether your site is underneath xadmin or just under the root domain). If you want a separate site, you can then restrict that url using an ip address but how easy that is depends on whether you are using the advanced template (in which case, you can just put the second web folder wherever you want, ensure the correct paths are used in index.php and continue) but if you are using the basic template, you would have to make another web folder with its own index.php and basically copy what you have already.

It might be easier to give you more useful help if you explain the logic to what you are moving and why.