Moving Yii Project To New Machine


I moved my Yii project to a new machine and the CSS looks messed up. Everything else is working fine. Its just that the menu is not visible properly and the col-span looks messed up.

Both machines are running Xampp 1.8.2 but php version is different 5.4.27 in new one and 5.4.22 in the old machine. The htdocs folder of Xampp in both machines have exactly the same files and folders.

Do I have to change some other configurations while moving a Yii project to new machine. Like in php or some other Xampp file?



it seems like your createturl have problem… please use createabsoluteurl to solve your problem :)


case sensitive files :)

URL were working fine… it was just that CSS was messed. I realized that I actually changed some part of CSS under the assets cached folder instead of changing it under extensions original CSS. So I just copied the cached CSS to original and everything is fine.