Moving website, migration, backup restore


I am trying to move a site from hosting company to my own machine, but having troubles because I am very new to Yii.

I need some help urgently.

Here where it stands now:

  1. My machine runs on Windows 10 Pro with XAMPP 3.2.2 installed.

  2. I have Yii framework 1.1.14 installed and running with requirements passed.

  3. I restored a database file mydbmysql.sql (containing website-specific data) to MySQL DB and can view tables in localhost/phpmyadmin

  4. I moved the site backup files (Yii stuff) to C:\xampp\htdocs\website, which contains assets, css, framework, images, protected, themes, upload folders and .htaccess, admin.php, adminer.php, index.php, index-test.php, SiteController.php files.

  5. Opening the page localhost/website is now giving an error

PHP notice

unserialize(): Unexpected end of serialized data


which is due to this function:

public function get($id)

103     {

104         $value = $this->getValue($this->generateUniqueKey($id));

105         if($value===false || $this->serializer===false)

106             return $value;

107         if($this->serializer===null)

108             $value=unserialize($value);

109         else

110             $value=call_user_func($this->serializer[1], $value);

111         if(is_array($value) && (!$value[1] instanceof ICacheDependency || !$value[1]->getHasChanged()))

112         {

113             Yii::trace('Serving "'.$id.'" from cache','system.caching.'.get_class($this));

114             return $value[0];

115         }

116         else

117             return false;

118     }


While advising, could you please avoid using jargons that newcomers might have problems to grasp.

Thank you!

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