Moving to yii framework from traditional coding style

Hello, after 2 days of googling, looking for php framework comparison, i finally decide to go on with yii framework.

Tell you the truth, this is my first time i put my effort on ‘the real’ tool to build PHP Apps. For 7 years, me and my team is depend on Dreamweaver and its Server Behaviour Features… especially with extension named Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox-ADDT (also known as Interakt MX Kollection), this make a web development robust,fast ,and easy.

these day i finally realize that the projects i made unscalable, ‘dirty’ copy and paste between project, no use SVN/CVS and PHPDocumentor to monitor our codes… and the bad news is ADDT Development abandon by adobe last year… and we stuck with un-supported tools and limited to what the tools can do… it’s a total mess

So my partner and i, finally decide to wake up after use ‘the drugs’ for 7 years in the business… we have skills in OOP… we made a lot of website… but we have no idea about MVC until yesterday…

So i hope someone who had background with developing php apps with dreamweaver can also guide me in the future since i’m full of dreamweaver ‘server behaviour’ mindset.

Some Question we had in our mind:

  • PHP IDE. I also find a lot of IDE available both commercial and non-commercial… please give us idea what tools do you use and why ?

  • Anyone calculate how much average resource YII framework consume. As far as i know not many shared hosting allowed framework to run (for example Zend Framework in due its resource consume by the frameworks

  • How long does the learning curve take ?

  • Any online courses cover YII frameworks ? as we’re in the business… we need to speed up our learning curve by having a mentor.

It’s our new journey… glad to find the community here.

I’ve never used Dreamweaver but I hope I can help.

Good PHP IDEs out there are:

— PhpStorm: is in beta now and is not free. Very feature rich. My choice.

— NetBeans: is free. Feature rich.

— PhpEd: commercial, windows-only, not-portable, feature rich, fastest IDE out there.

— PDT — free. Good one, but not as feature rich as previous ones.

Yii works fine on a shared hosting.

Initial learning can take a month if working on a real project. For me first project with with Yii went slower but it probably can be faster for you. In the next month or two you can learn some advanced parts. That’s where you’ll gain a development boost. I’ve spent a lot of time playing with Yii’s core. Still learning new useful things.

I don’t think there are any prepared online courses out there.I forgot about Yii Software :) See below.


Also, Larry Ullman has a great "how to start" series on his blog, this might be very helpful:

welcome a board :)


Thanks for all of your reference… let’s yii the site !

For IDE, i found a good comparison here:

from this review:

i think i’ll start with netbeans for php first