Moving Of Framework Folder

Hello out there.

I try to do the following (on localhost):

As I have now some Apps running on yii-1.1.10 and want to use on new Apps the new 1.1.13, I would like to split the current yiiroot folder and move it outside of the app folders.

Right now the setup is this:

App 1

  • yiiroot

  • app


  • yiiroot

  • app

I would like to do this:

App 1

  • app

App 2

  • app


  • yii1.1.10

  • yii1.1.13

That way I can decide within the setting of each App, which yii to use.

So far so good.

After searching how to do this, I found that I need to update the index.php (and the index-test).

I do not have any paths inside the main config.

I did that and they take the new folder.

But when I after that remove the old yiiroot out of the app folder, the app crashes, not loading anything.

I have then searched inside the app folder, for the string "yiiroot/framework" to see where else this path in a hardcoded way used. It turns out, that it is also used in bootstrap.php and in yiic.php.

But after changing both paths to reflect the above changes, the app is still crushing.

Any ideas?


The Yii path should only be defined in the entry "script". For your site you should be using "index.php" so just changing that should be enough for your site; the other files you indicate need changes when you use them.

If the app is still crashing, you should look for the error message in the server logs or configure the server to show you the errors in the php output. The latter is usually done in "php.ini":

display_errors = On

[size=2]display_startup_errors = On[/size]

You’ll probably get information on which file is trying to include the path.

Don’t forget that you may have case sensitivity issue. In your text you both write ‘Yiiroot’ and ‘yiiroot’ - that works on a windows platform, but not on Linux.

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