Moving css and images folder

What are the potential issues/risks in moving the "css" and "images" folders from the webroot to the assets folder? I understand that the references in the main.php (layout file) need to be updated. But, besides that, can anyone see any reason for NOT doing this?

You can do it, but I recommend to set CAssetManager.basePath and baseUrl to some /assets subdirectory, so you can easily delete all dynamically published assets with one click/command.

Question on the same subject,

I see Yii has the ability to create themes and skin

But the CSS Folder is not inside theme folder. what are the consequences of moving it to theme folder? or is not meant to be there ?



themes files have php code so you could secure entire folder by .htaccess (and for any file)

So you could seperate css from the themes folder for extra securing

I can’s see any other risk, or reason :)

Thanks @KonApaz