Moving beyond basic CRUD edits

Can anyone recommend any resources for moving beyond basic CRUD?

I’m at the point in my application development where I am needing to implement more advanced features and can’t really use gii-generated code as starting point.

Some examples:

Load data from one model to populate a view, but save user-modified data to another or multiple models.

Complex grids with data from multiple related models

I am fully aware this is part of the learning curve - it is really hard to learn the framework while also designing an application on the fly. I keep having to ‘forget’ about the framework and concentrate on my mockups and how I want it to work first.

The wiki is DEFINITELY helpful but just looking for some 3rd party resources.

I haven’t really found much (useful) when it comes to 3rd party resources. The best info I’ve run across is the blog tutorial, the definitive guide, the class reference, and the live chat room. At any point in the day you can bring your questions/examples to the live chat and get input from fellow developers.