More Standardized Url Links For Soap Webservices


current implementation of (soap) web services in Yii1.x uses following URL link formats:



However, following format of URL links is more usual in practice:


WSDL: (or wsdl=1, case insensitive)

( in Yii1.x this change would be applicable to CWebServiceAction::run() )


We aren’t going to support WSDL in Yii2 core since REST nowadays is much more common. A port of 1.1 can be done in form of extension.

samdark, I assume the REST service will have a HTTP OPTIONS call that describes each service and how to interact?

(OPTIONS is basically the ‘wsdl’ of REST)

Edit: very nice blogpost about OPTIONS with restfull services:

Best to collect ideas, requirements, etc. here: Provide web-api support