More robust logging in Yii

Hi All,

I have just started working on a project using Yii. The first thing I noticed is that the logging is not really robust. Many times when I have an error in my code and the page output is truncated in the middle, I do not get any output in the CFileLogRoute I have configured, for the entire request.

In this situation, it is very difficult for me as a newbie to debug. I usually go about commenting out various pieces of code to isolate the crash which is cumbersome. Instead it would be better if the log messages generated up to the point it crashed were sent out to the file.

Can someone throw some light on the issue? Is this being worked on in the Yii core?



Sounds most likely to be fatal or syntax errors. These can not be logged by php itself, it should appear in your web server error logs.

Thanks Wei. You were bang on. I see a ‘PHP Fatal error’ in apache error.log.